Tray Sorting Machine

This high-speed Sorting Machine is exceptionally suitable for sorting various types of trays. By means of a modernly designed spinning robot, different trays are distinguished and distributed across the desired units. It is possible to directly store and process the scanned data in the customer’s internal systems. 

Manual Crafting Line  

The Manual Crafting Line is fully constructed from stainless steel and equipped with conveyor belts, stainless steel tables, and control stations. The system can be upgraded to accommodate up to 40 workstations according to the customer’s preferences. Each workstation is equipped with LED lighting. 

Buffering system

The Machinnova Buffer Belt system is a collection system for various sizes of pots and trays. The machine gathers pots/trays to pick them up in large quantities all at once. The Machinnova Buffer Belt system can be supplied with features such as pushers, various conveyors, and watering units. 

Transfer Robot 

The Machinnova Transfer Robot is designed to transfer pots onto a conveyor belt, into a tray, or onto a rolling table. The machine can also handle the processing of empty trays. It operates at high speed and is easily integrated into any existing system. It is suitable for any type of pot or tray and can be equipped with various types of gripping forks.