Welcome to Machinnova

Pioneers in innovative horticultural machinery since 2007.

At Machinnova, our legacy is rooted in the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge horticultural machinery. We’ve built our reputation on innovation, delivering a diverse range of top-tier machines shaped by years of expertise in industrial and horticultural automation.

what makes us unique

At Machinnova BV, we create machines that truly matter. With 17 years of experience, we bring flexibility, reliability, and technical expertise to help our customers grow. What sets us apart is not just advanced technology, but the promise to deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. 

Whether you need specific machines for your business or serial machines for horticulture, we adapt seamlessly to your needs. Our specialty? Crafting planting and grading machines using smart vision technology. This isn’t just something we do; it’s the core of who we are. 

At Machinnova BV, we’re not just machine builders; we’re your growth partners. We understand your unique needs and provide solutions that are not only technologically top-notch but also practical and effective for your business. That’s what makes Machinnova BV truly different in the world of machines. 

Our history

  • The year of establishment

Machinnova was founded and started in Dordrecht at the Toermalijnring street.

  • achieving market leadership

In the year 2009, we proudly established ourselves as the market leader in machinery catering to orchid growers.

  • Expansion to the aventurijn streeth

we achieved a significant milestone by expanding our operations to Aventurijn in Dordrecht.

  • Opening of our third location

we celebrated a significant achievement with the grand opening of our third location at Reaumurstraat in Dordrecht.

  • Introducing planting Robots

In 2017, we took a big step forward by starting to make Gantry robots specially designed for transplanting.

  • Integration of vision software

In 2018, we took a step further by combining our Gantry robots with advanced vision software. This innovative integration allows us not only to transplant plants efficiently but also to select them with precision.

  • relocation of all operations

we successfully completed the relocation of all our operations to our new central hub in Oudenbosch.